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– Son, if you were eighteen now what year would you need to have been born?
– 1997, Dad.
– That was fast.
– Yeah…?

Mini Saga: Remarkable

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“It’s so weird, ” she said, “that you’re a stain on my carpet.”
“It’s weirder,” I replied, “bringing it up now, at the dinner table. The first time meeting my parents.”
She laughed, regaled: how she’d scrubbed and scrubbed but my stubborn spilled seed remained.
“Please pass the potatoes,” said Mum.


A Visit

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The wild crouched into twitching, watchful statues as we approached.  We had stepped into the role of Man, the enemy, and I didn’t like it. I could see the squirrel’s side heaving with trepidation. Whispered Sorry and it darted out of reach. We left palm-scoops of seeds in the grass, like calling cards.


Save All Questions for the End

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Family tree is the hardest to climb out of.
You get caught up in its branches.
I can feel my inheritance
pounding in my blood,
building up in the respective organs.
The past lays the slabs
for the pathways to the future,
thus they are already
a little cracked and worn.
In which clearing will mine end?
Pancreatic? Lung?
Hazy casserole of deteriorating memory?
What lies in wait, inside,
preparing to burst open
and drown me in the tide
of that universal deadline?


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Well done, you’ve
placed a brick
upon a brick!
Now you’ve learnt
to say brick?
Well done!
It’s a tricky word.
You’ve built a
whole house made
out of bricks?
Well done!
You’ve tripped
over a brick.
There, there.
Don’t cry.
You’ve drawn a
whole house made
out of bricks!
Well done.
The mean boy
threw a brick
and you didn’t
cry? Well done!
You got into a
red-brick university?
Well done!
You’ve bought a
whole house made
out of bricks?
Well done!
You never noticed
us corner you,
building this trap,
one brick at a time.

Senryu #4

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The guide dog inside
the Job Centre looked a bit
smug. He was winning.


Senryu #3

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War is messy but
it makes a tidy profit
for its creators.